Heinz Liewald

Software Engineer

About me

Since I can remember I've enjoyed disassembling things to see how they work. Eventually I discovered programming and I loved the idea to create systems inside this infinite world.

I enjoy creating software and discovering where the next limit is. Stay tuned!

Video: Build testable components

Testing your code is assuring quality and Unit Testing is one of the many you can implement.

In order to tests your methods you will need to build "testable components": separating dependencies and following the Single Responsibility principle.

In the following video I go through the first steps creating a xUnit test with C#:

Video: Don't eat exceptions

When it comes to error handling, there are different aspects you have to take in consideration, but an important one is: do not to eat the errors thrown and giving them a proper handling (...tracking, reporting).

In this video I show how to create a basic and minimalistic logger service:

The "Game of life"

As my first try of ReactJS, I created this implementation of the Conway's Game of Life.

Check it out!

Elevator simulator

I built this project long ago simulating a five stories elevator. There is no programmable microcontroller involved, just integrated circuits (logic gates, a clock and a memory).